Case Study: How to design a low impact fashion e-shop ?

One of our challenge : would illustrations replace high definition product pictures ?

February 2020

For: Billi London

With: Lucie Lépine

Tools: Miro, Figma

Last year, I had the pleasure to interview the founders of Billi London, an innovative brand of tights that biodegrade in 5 years instead of 40 to 100. Their tights participate in the transition towards a circular economy model: they are designed to be durable and not leave any waste on the environment at the end of their life.

Ethical & sustainable practices are at the core of their business: Marie and Sophie carefully consider the impact of…

UX/UI training project

July 2020–7 days

Role: UX-UI Designer

Tools: Mural, Sketch, Marvel

Founded in 2009, Vestiaire Collective is the leader in the resale of luxury and designer items. Every week, sellers around the world upload 25.000 new items, enabling buyers to search over 3.500 pieces per day.
I chose to add a feature on its app because I have a great interest in the circular fashion* business.

Teaser I was lucky enough to submit this Bootcamp project to the Product Design team at Vestiaire Collective and gathered their valuable feedback, keep reading.


Competitive analysis in France

Offering high-end fashion, designer brands, unique vintage…

UX/UI Challenge: event micro-site

August 2020 -7 days

With: Sahar Mohammadi (remote team)

Tools: Figma, diagram, Mural

Fashion Revolution is a global movement founded on April 24, 2013, the day of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh.
Each year, each of the 89 member countries holds a week of presentations and workshops with designers and brands to raise awareness of their vision:

“We love fashion. But we don’t want our clothes to exploit people or destroy our planet.”

A case study on improving Franprix’s grocery e-shopping experience

Our challenge was to improve the experience of an online grocery shopping website. In those days of covid-19 lockdown, more people started to order their groceries online. We took this collateral effect and turned it into an opportunity to improve their experience by identifying a common pain point and then, creating a feature to solve it.

I worked with Julia Lacerenza and Octavia Kawase, 2 very smart designers with very different characters: Octavia is calm and focused, Julia is very rigorous and open-minded. …

Lifts your face and your mood up.

UX/UI training project: “Your client: a Wellness institute wants to develop a new app. Choose the topic and create a MVP”

July 2020–10 days

Role: We partnered up with Lucie Lépine and worked remotely on the Market and user research, Feature priorization, wireframing, prototyping, usability testings, UI design.

Tools: Mural, Sketch, Invision, Zoom, GMeet.

Very often, with all our best will to be healthier, we download that promising fitness app, use it once with mild success, and…never use it again. Let’s challenge that habit.

Curious about Face Yoga, we chose to develop a…

Sustainable designs dedicated to cycling, let’s ride.

I was hired to create moodboards to inspire the branding and fashion design of an urban cycling fashion brand based in Germany and made responsibly in Vietnam: Super Vision.

The moodboards became a book of concepts around cycling and tech-wear in an urban dystopian environment where our hero user would save the planet not only by cycling instead of taking the car but also by wearing durable and functional wardrobes staples made with recycled materials by our Ethical factory in Vietnam: Evolution lab sgn.

The concept book supported the Branding agency in Berlin: Kemmler Kemmler and the Web Design agency in Vietnam to come up with a sleek, minimal and striking design system and then, website.

The ‘Search Brand’ flow of ‘Good on You’ app

I chose to work on Good on You app because I use it often to check on fashion brands ethics to make a purchase. I want to understand how it leads to a redirected sale.

I think the Sustainable lifestyle market is gaining momentum and growing. However, it is hard for the common consumer to find and choose brands that matches their style, lifestyle and ethics. Therefore there’s a need for tools and exciting informative platform to simplify that journey.

Task Analysis: What overall tasks are users trying to accomplish on…

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UX & UI Design stories from Linda Mai Phung, designer living in Paris. Passionate about sustainable design and lifestyle.

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