Case Study: Fashion Revolution Week France

“We love fashion. But we don’t want our clothes to exploit people or destroy our planet.”

credits: Fashion Revolution Berlin

Assessment of the current website home and events’ pages

Focus and breathe

When looking at the menu bar of the global site, you can tell Fashion Revolution is addressing 7 different audiences with lots of curated contents. That can trigger confusion:

  • Workshops: learning to repair your old clothes or giving them a second life with crafts: stitching, dyeing, embroidery, etc.
  • Talks: listening to experts about sustainable lifestyles and fashion.
Less is more

Desirability challenge

To tackle the need for a more desirable interface, we started by creating a mood board to seduce the users with a more relaxed mood, but still inspired by the core goal of the cause: protecting the environment and the people and calling for a change.

Hi-fi Wireframes

Testing our new user interface and sitemap


To test the viability of our new proposition, we created a persona based on common traits and needs of our previous interviewees : Sara the parisian fashionista.

User flow

Our user flow was designed for Sara’s goal: she is looking for sustainable designers to discover their ethical and environmentally friendly designs by visiting their studios.


Let’s take a walk on the Fashion Revolution path of Sara:

Desirability Testing #2

We then ran a new desirability test sessions with 13 users who match our Persona:


As we defined only 7 days to complete this challenge, we designed the desktop version of the homepage as a preview:

Key learnings

A global organization with political and industry stakes should have dedicated sites for each country where there are represented with content adapted to the cultural background and industry, in their language. As it is curated by locals, the impact can only be more powerful.

Final words

A member of Fashion Revolution France since this year, I was very happy to dedicate my training time to work on a project with a topic that strongly speaks to my values and passion.

UX & UI Design stories from Linda Mai Phung, designer living in Paris. Passionate about sustainable design and lifestyle.

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